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Top Gardens of China

The Lion Grove Garden

The Lion Grove Garden

China has been known for its ability to create beautiful spaces for thousands of years, which is nothing new, but the ability to go on a tour of China that embraces such great sights is something that is taking the China tourism market by storm.

The Chinese Garden is a landscape garden style that spans the past 3,000 years, and today there are a number of tours that specifically look at iconic China gardens and offer visitors the chance to see some of the country’s most beautiful horticultural sights. This article looks to introduce you to the best examples of this art form to see whilst in China itself.

Summer Palace

Imperial Summer Palace in Beijing, China

Imperial Summer Palace in Beijing, China

The Summer Palace in Beijing is an impressive place to visit in itself, but the Palace’s gardens are something truly special. As a UNESCO World Heritage site it is protected and visited by many who come to China for its beautiful location and the stunning buildings positioned on Longevity Hill. The Palace covers 2.9 square kilometres consisting of the gardens, palaces and lakes, making for a unique and varied place to visit.

Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City

Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City

Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City

The emperor’s Imperial Garden is relatively small when bearing in mind the rest of the Forbidden City, but it contains many elaborate landscaping features that make it well worth a visit. While it is not known by many, the garden is a great example of history as well as superb garden design.

Xian Botanical Gardens

This beautiful garden dates back to 1959 and is a great example of scientific research as a public service. With over 3,000 different kinds of plants covering 20 hectares it is a great way to see a huge variety of plant life during a tour of China.

Guilin Botanical Garden

Another garden home to thousands of different species of plant life, the Guilin Botanical Garden is one of ten of the earliest gardens to be created in China. Established in 1958, it covers 67 hectares and is a particular point of interest along the Guilin-Yangshuo tourist route.

Suzhou’s UNESCO World Heritage gardens

Chinese garden in Suzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Chinese garden in Suzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The classical gardens of Suzhou date from the 11th-19th century and are an incredible example of Chinese horticulture. Offering a great example of Chinese landscaping where natural elements are recreated in miniature, it is enough to satisfy any appetite for the Chinese Garden.

Shanghai’s Chenshan Botanical Garden

Situated on the suburb of Songjiang, Chenshan Botanical Garden covers a wide open space that is home to numerous species of plant and wild life. This particular garden is well worth a visit for its multiple gardens showcasing different themes, from the Australian and Asian plants to the rose garden and children’s garden.


This article was written by Thom Sanders on behalf of Wendy Wu Tours, who offer a great range of China tours that offer the chance to see some incredible sights, including the Yangtze River and the Forbidden Palace while enjoying some fantastic horticultural sights.

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