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Must-Try Foods in Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

When you visit a different country you want to try food that is traditional and different to see whether you like the local delicacies. If you are heading on a tour to Shanghai then you are in luck as the city is renowned for its quirky cuisine.

Here we take you through some of Shanghai’s best dishes that you just have to try during your visit to the Pearl of the Orient.




Shanghai has a bigger population than any other city in the world and therefore it is unsurprising that the city boasts a number of different types of food.

One of the city’s most popular dishes is Xiaolongbao, a famous soup dumpling meal that is served across the entire city.

The meal is arguably the most popular food in the whole of Shanghai, but be warned first-time eaters! You have to remember to puncture the dumplings as they are full of steam and if eaten whole can burn your mouth.

Xiaolongbao is served on the street and in virtually all restaurants across the city, so it won’t be difficult to find during your escorted Shanghai tour.

Di Shui Dong Ribs

Tender, succulent and sweet are just some of the words that can describe Di Shui Dong Ribs. If you like eating ribs when at home in the UK then you most definitely want to taste these ribs that are dipped in soy sauce.

The dish isn’t small like you would get anywhere else in the world, Di Shui Dong Ribs offer diners large chunks of meat that are purely delicious.

Hanging roasted duck

Roast Ducks

Roast Ducks

Hanging roasted duck is found in virtually any food market in Shanghai and can go with virtually any dish.

Locals generally buy a hanging roasted duck to go in soups or to accompany noodles and rice, but the duck can go with all types of food.

Sweet and sour mandarin fish

Originally from Suzhou – a city close to Shanghai – this sweet and sour mandarin fish dish has become hugely popular with people living in Shanghai.

For this reason it is now available in almost all upper class Shanghai restaurants. If you visit a restaurant in Shanghai and like fish dishes then you should ask about sweet and sour mandarin fish – it is really tasty.

What adds to the dish is the fact that it is accompanied with shrimp, tomato sauce, bamboo and pine nuts.

These are just a few of the amazing dishes that are available in Shanghai, and there are loads more dishes that have not made this list but are certainly worth a try when visiting the city. So just ask a local or your tour guide about the local delicacies.


This article was written by Thom Sanders, on behalf of Wendy Wu Tours, who offer a range of amazing China holidays, and a wide range of Shanghai tours and tours to Beijing.

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